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MAKE ROOM FOR DADDY THE COMPLETE SIXTH SEASON will be released on Jan. 22, 2008 from Image Entertainment.  The five-disc DVD set includes all 32 episodes transferred from the original broadcast footage, a rare 12-minute blooper real, as well as new interviews with Marjorie, Angela Cartwright and Sid Melton.  This season DVD set was nominated as one of the top 5 in the Best 1950'-1960's Series from the Fifth Annual TV DVD Awards.


Make Room for Daddy 
The Complete Fifth Season
Comes To DVD on Sept. 28, 2004

The complete 1957-58 season of one of televisionís most beloved sitcoms, available for the first time on DVD in this exclusive collection authorized by the Danny Thomas family. Legendary entertainer Danny Thomas stars as nightclub performer Danny Williams, ranked in 2004 by TV Guide as among the top five TV dads of all time. Marjorie Lord joins the cast as Dannyís new wife, Kathy. Questar has captured the classic TV comedy for DVD release, and the six-disc set was released on Sept. 28, 2004 with more than 30 episodes and archival extras.  Extras will include the pilot episode of "The Andy Griffith Show" and performance footage of the show's star, Danny Thomas, on a Dean Martin / Jerry Lewis telethon.  To order your DVD boxed set, autographed by Marjorie, from visit the Shop page.


Synopsis:  Danny Williams, a successful nightclub singer, encounters a variety of difficult or amusing situations in trying to balance his career with his family; his outspoken wife Cathy, teenage daughter Teri from his first marriage, children Russ and Linda, and old-fashioned Uncle Tonouse. Later episodes feature Annette Funicello as an au pair girl. Most episodes conclude with a song by Danny or one of the children. Affection expressed as hostility ("I love you, you little jerk") and ironic humor characterize this show.


Louise Beavers - Louise (1953 - 1954)
Pat Carroll - Bunny Halper (1961 - 1964)
Angela Cartwright - Linda Williams (1957 - 1964)
Hans Conried - Uncle Tonoose (1958 - 1964)
Annette Funicello - Gina Minelli (1959)
Roosevelt Grier - Rosey Robbins (1970-1971)
Jean Hagen - Margaret Williams (1953 - 1956)
Rusty Hamer - Rusty Williams
Stanley Myron Handleman - Henry (1970-1971)
Pat Harrington, Jr. - Pat Hannigan (1959 - 1960)
Michael Hughes - Michael (1970-1971)
Sherry Jackson - Terry Williams (1953 - 1958)
Sheldon Leonard - Phil Brokaw (1957 - 1961)
Ben Lessy - Benny (1953 - 1959)
Marjorie Lord - Kathy 'Clancey' O'Hara Williams (1957 - 1964)
Horace McMahon - Horace (1953 - 1954)
Sid Melton - Charley Halper (1959 - 1964)
Penny Parker - Terry Williams (1959 - 1960)
Amanda Randolph - Louise (1955 - 1964)
Danny Thomas - Danny Williams
Jesse White - Jesse Leeds (1953 - 1957)
Mary Wickes - Liz O'Neal

Episode Guide:

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Season 4

117. Danny Meets Kathy
guest stars: Marjorie Lord (Kathy)
Rusty has contracted the measles and Danny finds himself barred from the sickroom by Kathy, a registered nurse. She refuses to allow him to visit his son until Danny can prove he's already had the measles.

aired: 04-Apr-1957
118. Men Are Men
guest stars: Marjorie Lord (Kathy)  Anna Marie Nanasi (Ruthie)
Danny's new girl friend, Kathy, gives advice to Rusty's girl, Ruthie.
Danny doesn't agree with the advice. And neither does Rusty, so both
quarrel with their girl friends.

aired: 11-Apr-1957
119. Little Miss Moppet
guest stars:  Leilani Sorensen (Patty)  Marjorie Lord (Kathy)
Kathy's daughter Patty decides that Danny is trying to steal her mother's affection from her, and sets out to break up their friendship.

aired: 18-Apr-1957
120. Danny's Proposal
Danny gets an assist from both Terry and Rusty when he tries to gain enough courage to ask Kathy to marry him.

aired: 25-Apr-1957

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Season 5

121. Lose Me in Las Vegas
guest stars: Les Tremayne (Joe) Herb Vigran (Harry) George Neise (Waiter) Jack Benny (himself) Peter Lind Hayes (himself) Mary Healy (herself)
Danny's popularity disrupt Danny and Kathy's honeymoon. Jack Benny appears in this episode.

aired: 07-Oct-1957

NOTE: This was the first episode to be broadcast on CBS, where the show was retitled "The Danny Thomas Show"
122. Terry vs. Kathy
guest stars: Morey Amsterdam (Mr. Simmons)
Danny finds himself in the middle of a family controversy when daughter Terry begins to resent her new stepmother. Now that Kathy does all the things for Danny that Terry used to do, the teenager feels left out and unwanted by the family.

aired: 14-Oct-1957
123. Kathy Is Approved
When Danny learns that his Uncle Tonoose is about to visit, he's afraid
that the family patriarch might not approve of his bride Kathy.

aired: 21-Oct-1957
124. The Dinah Shore Show
guest stars: Dinah Shore (herself)  John Holland (floor manager)
Eilene Janssen (Peggy)
Terry, as chairman of her school's Heart Fund dance, is forced to choose between Dinah Shore and Kathy as vocalists for the event. Kathy is confident she can fill the bill because of her brief career as a high school band singer.

aired: 28-Oct-1957
125. Parents are Pigeons
guest stars: Angela Cartwright (Linda)
Rusty re-acquaints his new little sister with the methods used to soft-soap parents

aired: 04-Nov-1957
126. Two Sleepy People
Danny and Kathy attempt to show that they are as young and spry as ever - by indulging in an all-night dancing spree, followed by a morning of golf and tennis.

aired: 11-Nov-1957
127. Danny Meets His Father-In-Law
guest stars:  William Demarest (Danny's father-in-law)
Danny's father-in-law loves fishing, a sport Danny knows nothing about. In an attempt to impress the testy old gent, Danny burns the midnight oil studying the art of fishing - and comes up with all the wrong answers.

aired: 18-Nov-1957
128. Honesty Is the Best Policy
Danny's son Rusty is discouraged when the owner of a lost wallet rewards him with only a curt "Thank You." Danny attempts to restore his son's faith in human nature and almost loses his own wallet in the process.

aired: 25-Nov-1957
129. Terry, the Breadwinner
Terry gets a job at a local dress shop. But Danny doesn't realize that she resents his attempts to help her.

aired: 02-Dec-1957
130. The Non Orgs
Family unity is threatened when Terry asks Danny to play the role of a
cultured gentleman for the benefit of her sorority sisters. The sorority
committee taxes Danny's temper and almost loses Terry her most valued friend.

aired: 09-Dec-1957
131. The Soap Box Derby
Danny and his father-in-law offer to help Rusty finance his entry in the
Soapbox Derby.

aired: 16-Dec-1957
132. Man's Best Friend

aired: 23-Dec-1957
133. Chess Game

aired: 30-Dec-1957
134. The Bob Hope Show

aired: 06-Jan-1958
135. Evil Eye Schultz

aired: 13-Jan-1958
136. The Honeymoon

aired: 20-Jan-1958
137. The Raffle Tickets

aired: 27-Jan-1958
138. Rusty, the Bully
Danny and his father-in-law offer to help Rusty finance his entry in the
Soapbox Derby.

aired: 03-Feb-1958
139. St. Vincent's Frolics

aired: 10-Feb-1958
140. Pardon My Accent
A friend of Rusty's has won the school elocution prize - but can't persuade his father to attend the award ceremony.

aired: 17-Feb-1958
141. Terry's Crush

aired: 24-Feb-1958
142. Uncle Tonoose and Mr. Daly
guest stars: Hans Conried (Uncle Tonoose)

aired: 03-Mar-1958
143. Danny Roars Again

aired: 10-Mar-1958
144. The Country Girl
Danny discovers a singer.

aired: 17-Mar-1958
145. Good Old Days

aired: 24-Mar-1958
146. Terry's Coach
Terry does Shakespeare in a school play.

aired: 31-Mar-1958
147. Make Room for Father-In-Law
To help Kathy's father during a period of unemployment, Danny offers to make him business manager of the household.

aired: 07-Apr-1958
148. Family Ties

aired: 21-Apr-1958
149. Danny the Performer
Danny takes Rusty's pals to see his act.

150. Terry's Girlfriend
A girlfriend of Terry's stays the weekend.

aired: 05-May-1958
151. You Gotta Be Miserable to Be Happy

aired: 12-May-1958
152. Too Good For Words
A woman columnist deflates Danny's ego.

aired: 19-May-1958
153. Rusty, the Man
Ten-year-old Rusty wants to get a job, but Danny's not thrilled with the

aired: 26-May-1958

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Season 6

154. Rusty, the Ward-Heeler
Rusty asks his father for help in his campaign for the class presidency.

aired: 13-Oct-1958
155. First Anniversary
guest stars:  William Demarest
Sparks fly when Danny and Kathy argue over who proposed to whom.

aired: 20-Oct-1958
156. Terry Goes Steady
Danny learns the rigors of parenthood when Terry starts dating.

aired: 27-Oct-1958
157. Take a Message
Kathy's headed for trouble when she forgets to give Danny several phone messages.

aired: 03-Nov-1958
158. A Locket for Linda
An ordinary-looking locket brings excitement and sentiment to the Williams' home.

aired: 10-Nov-1958
159.  Jack Benny Takes Danny's Job
Rusty's Boy Scout troop prefers Jack Benny.
aired:  17-Nov-1958
160. Uncle Tonoose's Fling
Uncle Tonoose decides to become a playboy.

aired: 24-Nov-1958
161. Linda's Tonsils
Removing tonsils can sometimes be like pulling teeth, as Linda needs to undergo a tonsillectomy.

aired: 01-Dec-1958
162. Dinah Shore and Danny are Rivals
guest stars: Dinah Shore (herself)
A rivalry develops between Dinah Shore and Danny

aired: 08-Dec-1958
163. The Reunion
Danny meets with successful school friends -- and then dreams of becoming a surgeon, a scientist and a diplomat.

aired: 15-Dec-1958
164.  Kathy's Career
Kathy's decision to embark on a career in the fashion world throws the
Williams household into a turmoil.

aired:  22-Dec-1958
165. The Saints Come Marching In
Danny gets a new slant on juvenile problems when he discovers his son is a member of a gang.

aired: 29-Dec-1958
166. Lucy Upsets the Williams Household
guest stars: Lucille Ball (Lucy Ricardo) Desi Arnaz (Ricky Ricardo) Sandra Wright ()
When Lucy and Ricky Ricardo pay a visit to the Williams family, Danny makes the mistake of advising Ricky to halt Lucy's shopping sprees by closing all of her charge accounts.

aired: 05-Jan-1959 writers: Arthur Stander & Sid Dorfman director: Sheldon Leonard
167.  Tony Bennett Gets Danny's Help
Tony Bennett, as Danny's "Cousin Stephen" from Toledo, rebels from an assured future with his father in the dry goods business, and danny acts as arbiter.

aired:  12-Jan-59
168. Tennessee Ernie Stays for Dinner
Tennessee Ernie Ford as "Kentucky Cal," a transient entertainer, befriends Rusty and Linda, much to the consternation of their parents.

aired: 19-Jan-1959
169. Bob Hope and Danny Become Directors
guest stars: Bob Hope (himself)
Bob Hope and Danny Williams become involved, and embroiled, in a lavish production of the fairytale classic, "Alice In Wonderland."

aired: 26-Jan-1959
170. Red Tape
Danny becomes indignant when it is alleged that show business people are not "representative" Americans.

aired: 02-Feb-1959
171. Gina from Italy
Annette Funicello joins the Danny Williams household as Gina, an exchange student from Italy.

aired: 09-Feb-1959
172. Shirley Jones Makes Good
guest stars: Shirley Jones
Lauritz Melchior and Shirley Jones emerge as a father-daughter musical team when the guest-star singers appear.

aired: 16-Feb-1959
173. Gina's First Date
Teaching Gina the customs of American teenagers gets Danny Williams into a mess of trouble.

aired: 23-Feb-1959
174. Growing Pains
Growing pains, in the form of a cute little classmate, cause Rusty Williams to seek parental advice.

aired: 02-Mar-1959
175. Frankie Laine Sings for Gina
guest stars: Frankie Laine
Asked by exchange student Gina to perform at a school dance, Frankie Laine agrees, until the machinations of Danny and the measles intervene.

aired: 09-Mar-1959
176. Kathy Leaves Danny
A family tiff over who's boss erupts and Kathy leaves Danny

aired: 16-Mar-1959
177. Latin Lover
An Italian friend of Gina's makes a surprise visit and attempts to use
Gina's influence on Danny for personal gain.

aired: 23-Mar-1959
178. Losers Weepers
Danny's agent and Kathy inadvertently misplace the script for his new
nightclub routine and tempers flare.

aired: 30-Mar-1959
179. Grandma's Diet
Grampa, on a strict diet, comes to visit the Williamses and fights a
running battle with the family by trying to sneak forbidden morsels of food into the house.

aired: 06-Apr-1959
180. The Double Dinner
Danny decides to become a candidate for abbot of the Friars Club. He discovers that he must first win the backing of rival groups within the organization.

aired: 20-Apr-1959
181. Danny's Big Fan
Metropolitan Opera star Salvatori Baccaloni plays the part of a rich Danny Williams' fan who wants to buy friendship.

aired: 27-Apr-1959
182.  The Surprise Party
Seemingly forgotten on his birthday, Danny Williams becomes a study in dejection and remorse.

aired:  04-May-1959
183. Gina for President
Gina from Italy opposes her boyfriend for class president when Danny and Kathy take over as their respective campaign managers.

aired: 11-May-1959
184. The Practical Joke
Danny Williams finds himself caught in the cross fire of practical jokes
and jokers.

aired: 18-May-1959
185. Linda's Giant
Kathy and Danny are amazed at Linda's seemingly tall tales of a newly-
acquired nine-foot giant friend.

aired: 25-May-1959

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Season 7

186. Terry Comes Home
Danny's eldest daughter, Terry, comes home from college mature, chic and educated.

aired: 05-Oct-1959
187. Rusty's Day in Court
Francis X Bushman is featured as a jurist before whom Danny Williams argues a traffic case.

aired: 12-Oct-1959
188. The Chinese Doll
guest stars: Marvin Miller (Mr. Chou)  Ginny Tiu (Miss Chou)
Marvin Miller guest stars as the ultra-reserved Mr. Chou, who
gets a lesson in child psychology.

aired: 19-Oct-1959
189. Cupid's Little Helper
Terry decides that her parents are in a terrible rut. She attempts a
program of self-improvement for her parents and learns they have their own ideas on the subject.

aired: 26-Oct-1959
190. Terry Meets Him
guest stars:  Pat Harrington Jr. (Pat Harris)
:Terry falls hard for suave golf pro Pat Harris, played by Pat
Harrington, Jr. who becomes her swain.

aired: 02-Nov-1959
191. Jealousy
Danny dons a number of disguises in an attempt to curb the jealousy of his wife, Kathy.

aired: 09-Nov-1959
192. Terry Goes Bohemian
Terry decides to become a beatnik, but learns there are other things to
consider in life besides poetry and bongo drums.

aired: 16-Nov-1959
193. Rusty, the Weightlifter
Danny uses psychology to help Rusty stand up to a bully.

aired: 23-Nov-1959
194. Tonoose, the Matchmaker
Uncle Tonoose arrives unexpectedly in New York to play matchmaker for Danny's oldest daughter Terry.

aired: 30-Nov-1959
195. Danny and Milton Berle Quit Show Biz
guest stars: Milton Berle
Milton Berle talks Danny into leaving show business.

aired: 07-Dec-1959
196. Danny and the Little Men
Danny and his future son-in-law Pat Hannigan almost believe they are seeing things when dwarfs invade their apartment. They claim they have seen the "Little People."

aired: 14-Dec-1959
197. A Dog's Life
When a soulful St. Bernard picks Danny Williams' apartment in which to have its pups, an irate landlord attempts to cancel the lease.

aired: 21-Dec-1959
198. Kathy Crashes TV
Kathy discovers that show business is not all excitement and glamour when she crashes television.

aired: 28-Dec-1959
199. Nightclub Owners
guest stars:  Beatrice Kay (herself)  Sid Melton (Charlie Halper)
Danny, Pat Hannigan and nightclub owner Charlie Halper go into partnership.

aired: 04-Jan-1960
200. That Ol' Devil Jack Benny
guest stars: Jack Benny
Jack Benny appears as a man whose soul belongs to the devil.

aired: 11-Jan-1960
201. How to Be Head of the House
Danny lays down the law to show his prospective son-in-law how to handle a wife.

aired: 18-Jan-1960
202. Danny, the Housewife
Danny tries in vain to become a housewife, mother, dishwasher, cook and servant when Kathy is summoned for jury duty.

aired: 25-Jan-1960
203 Apple Polishers
When Danny's agent won't sign him for a television spectacular, Danny goes over his head and woos the sponsor, and loses his agent in the process.

aired: 01-Feb-1960
204. Tonoose Makes Wedding Plans
Danny is not so happy when he learns that Uncle Tonoose has made plans for an old-fashioned Lebanese wedding for Danny's daughter Terry.

aired: 08-Feb-1960
205. Danny Meets Andy Griffith
guest stars: Andy Griffith (Andy Taylor) Ron Howard (Opie Taylor) Frances Bavier (Henrietta) Frank Cady (Will Hoople) Will Wright (Unknown) Bill Baldwin (Unknown) Rance Howard (Unknown)
Andy Griffith guest stars as a small town sheriff, justice of the peace,
philosopher and wit.

aired: 15-Feb-1960 writers: Arthur Stander and Louis F. Edelman director: Sheldon Leonard

206. Battle of the In-Laws
guest stars:  Jack Haley (Pat Hannigan Sr.)
Danny and Pat Hannigan Sr. are at war over the relative merits of their

aired: 22-Feb-1960
207. Eulogy for Tonoose
guest stars:  Hans Conried (Tonoose)
Uncle Tonoose is afraid that his rival in the Lebanese community will have a more eloquent funeral oration than he will.

aired: 29-Feb-1960
208. Linda Wants to Be a Boy
Linda decides boys have more fun.

aired:  07-Mar-1960
209. Bachelor Party
guest stars:  Pat Harrington Jr. (Pat Hannigan)
During his bachelor dinner, Pat Hannigan announces that he can't go through with the wedding.

aired: 14-Mar-1960
210. Danny, the Handyman
When Rusty needs a scout project, Danny promises to build him a dog house that will be the envy of the doggie set.

aired: 21-Mar-1960
211. The Wedding

aired: 28-Mar-1960
212. Three on a Honeymoon

aired: 04-Apr-1960
213. The Deerfield Story

aired: 11-Apr-1960
214. The Singing Delinquent

aired: 18-Apr-1960
215. Rusty and the Tomboy
guest stars: Barbara Beaird () Sherry Alberoni ()
There's a big dance in the offing but Barbara, a tomboyish young lady who plays on Rusty's baseball team, hasn't been asked to go. Danny and Kathy convince Rusty to ask her and she blossoms into a pretty young lady.

aired: 25-Apr-1960 pc: 0215 writers: Charles Stewart & Jack Elinson director: Sheldon Leonard
216. Family Portrait

aired: 09-May-1960
217. Little Lord Fauntleroy

aired: 16-May-1960
218. Rusty's Advice to Linda

aired: 23-May-1960

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Season 8

219.  Kathy and The Glamour Girl
aired:  06-08-1960
220.  Danny and The Actor's School
guest stars:  Leo Fuchs (Vladimir Gorski)  Sid Melton (Charlie Halper)  
Danny's considering forsaking comedy for a fling at serious drama. He enrolls in an acting school.
aired:  12-08-1960
221. Kathy Delivers the Mail

aired: 03-Oct-1960
222. The Report Card

aired: 10-Oct-1960
223. Danny Proposes to His Wife

aired: 07-Nov-1960
224. Kathy, the Matchmaker

aired: 14-Nov-1960
225. Tonoose, the Liar

aired: 21-Nov-1960
226. Linda, the Performer
Danny prepares for Linda for her television debut.

aired: 28-Nov-1960
227.  The Scrubwoman
aired:  30-Sept-1960
228. The Singing Sisters

aired: 19-Dec-1960
229. The Fugitive Father

aired: 12-Dec-1960
230. Rusty the Rat

aired: 26-Dec-1960
231. Danny versus the Dentist

aired: 05-Dec-1960
232. Democracy at Work

aired: 09-Jan-1961
233. The Planet
guest stars:  Gale Gordon (Mr. Heckendon)
A fan sends Danny a potted plant. Mr. Heckendon, the landlord, spots it and declares it's a rare and valuable species that needs special care.

aired: 02-Jan-1961
234. You Can Fight City Hall
guest stars:  Jerome Cowan (Judge Palmer)  Jack Price (the bailiff)
Danny gets a parking ticket, and decides to fight it in court. He gets
Rusty to time the parking meter with his stop watch, and invites an expert on nuclear timing to testify on his behalf.

aired: 16-Jan-1961
235. The Rum Cake
guest stars:  Gale Gordon (Mr. Heckendorn)
It's after 11pm, but the party still goes on at the Williams apartment. So
up comes Landlord Heckendorn - if the noise doesn't cease, out Danny goes.

aired: 30-Jan-1961
236. The Whoopee Show
Danny's on his way home from a trip, and he's anticipating a
great big welcome from his gorgeous wife.

aired: 23-Jan-1961
237. Tonoose, the Boss

aired: 06-Feb-1961
238. Good Old Burlesque
guest stars:  Buddy Hackett
Danny's on vacation from the club, and funnyman Buddy Brown subs for him.

aired: 20-Feb-1961
239. Rusty, the Millionaire
Danny thinks Rusty needs a lesson in the value of money, so he
gives the boy $50 to spend any way he sees fit.

aired: 13-Feb-1961
240. Four Angels

aired: 27-Feb-1961
241.  The Dog Walkers

aired: 13-Mar-1961
242. Old Man Danny

aired: 03-Apr-1961
243. Everything Happens to Me

aired: 27-Mar-1961
244.. Danny and the Hoodlums

aired: 10-Apr-1961
245. Rusty's Punishment

aired: 17-Apr-1961
246. The Scoutmaster

aired: 24-Apr-1961
247. The Magician

aired: 01-May-1961
248. Woman Behind the Man

aired: 08-May-1961
249. The Teenage Thrush

aired: 15-May-1961
250. The Party- wrecker

aired: 22-May-1961

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Season 9

251. For Every Man There's a Woman
guest stars:  Bill Dana (Jose Jimenez)
Tonight, comedian Bill Dana appears as his own character creation Jose Jimenez.

aired: 02-Oct-1961
252. Linda Runs Away

aired: 09-Oct-1961
253. Love Letters
guest stars:  Dick Wesson (Jay Sandrich)  Naomi Stevens (Mrs. Schwartz)
When Kathy quotes some choice phrases from Danny's old love letters, he threatens to burn them. Alarmed, Kathy returns the letters to their hiding place in a table drawer, or so she thinks. No one figured on Linda finding the amorous epistles and playing mailman with them all over the apartment building.

aired: 16-Oct-1961
254. The Trumpet Player
guest stars:  Harry James (Larry Norman)
Rusty has become a pretty hot drummer and Danny takes him down to audition for the YMCA band. But instructor Larry Norman isn't impressed with Rusty's hot licks.

aired: 23-Oct-1961
255. Tonoose vs. Daly
guest stars:  Hans Conried (Uncle Tonoose)  William Demarest (Mr. Daly)
Mr. Daly, Kathy's father, has just arrived for a visit, when suddenly
there's another knock on the door. It's Danny's Uncle Tonoose - who's also planning a sojourn with his relatives.

aired: 30-Oct-1961
256. Hen Pecked Charley

aired: 13-Nov-1961
257. Danny Weaves a Web
guest stars:  Sid Melton (Charley)
Danny dents a fender on the family car and decides what Kathy doesn't know won't hurt her.

aired: 20-Nov-1961
258.  Danny and Durante
guest stars: Jimmy Durante (himself)  Gina Genardi (Carla)  Ned Glass (Benny)  William Bixby (Mack)  Oliver Cliff (Mr. Carew)  Robert Hall (Tab)
The Schnozz is invited to a banquet in honor of his niece Carla, who's graduating from college. But he doesn't want to go - he's afraid he won't feel at home among all those educated types.

aired:  27-Nov-1961
259.  Danny and The Brownies

aired:  04-Dec-1961
260. Tonoose's Plot

aired: 11-Dec-1961
261. Keeping Up With the Joneses

aired: 18-Dec-1961
262. Teacher for a Day
guest stars:  Mabel Albertson (the teacher)  Veronica Cartwright (sister of series regular Angela Cartwright / Barbara)
Danny visits Rusty's school and remarks that teaching looks pretty easy. So Rusty's teacher dares him to try it.

aired: 25-Dec-1961
263.  Useless Charley

aired:  01-Jan-1962
264.  A Baby for Charley
Charley has finally been let in on the news that he is going to be a
father. His wife Bunny has told him, and his friend Danny has told him - and he still can't believe it.

aired:  08-Jan-1962
265.  Linda, The Tomboy
guest stars:  Scott McCarter (Jimmy)  Sally Smith (Eloise)
Danny thinks ladies should be ladies - especially when Linda comes home with a black eye and torn clothes after a sandlot football game.

aired:  15-Jan-1962
266. The Big Fight
guest stars:  Hope Sommers (the cleaning woman)  Tom Cound (the waiter)
Danny and Charley are at odds: each thinks he's the most indispensable person at the Copa Club. When it appears that the argument may end in a split-up, Bunny and Kathy try to intervene.

aired: 22-Jan-1962
267. Cassanova Tonoose
guest stars:  Ann Tyrell (Mrs. Marshall)
Hans Conried is back as Uncle Tonoose, who has an important announcement to make: He is going to get married and has set the date. All he has to do now is find a bride.

aired: 29-Jan-1962
268.  Charley Does It Himself
guest stars:  Sid Melton (Charley)  Pat Carroll (Bunny)
Since his wife is expecting, Charley Halper decides to redecorate one of the rooms in the house as a nursery. It's going to be a "do-it-yourself"
job with Danny lending a hand.

aired:  05-Feb-1962
269. The P.T.A. Bash
Danny is rehearsing some material for an appearance on "The Ed
Sullivan Show" when Kathy interrupts. She and the kids have some material of their own that they intend to use at the next PTA meeting and she insists that Danny "audition" it.

aired: 12-Feb-1962
270. A Nose By Any Other Name
Danny is doing a run-through of some new material for his night-club act, in which he takes a few verbal pokes at his own nose. Kathy isn't impressed by the routine, and Danny decides that she's ashamed of his beak.

aired: 19-Feb-1962
271. Cassanova Junior
guest stars:  Dixie Ann Barnes (Darlene)  Pamela Beaird (Gloria)  Jimmy Baird (Tommy)
Danny and Kathy find out Rusty is not planning to attend his class dance because he feels awkward around girls. But Danny insists that he call his friend Gloria and invite her anyhow.

aired: 26-Feb-1962
272. Temper, Temper

aired: 05-Mar-1962
273. Hunger Strike
guest stars:  Amanda Randolph (Louise)
Danny suspects an ulterior motive when Rusty compliments him on his singing.

aired: 12-Mar-1962
274. Bunny Cooks a Meal
guest stars:  Louis Nye (Herman)
Charley's cousin wants to sample some of Bunny's home cooking.

aired: 19-Mar-1962
275. Jose's Protoge
guest stars:  Bill Dana (as Jose Jimenez)  Herbie Faye (as Mr. Perkins)
Ruth Perrott (as a stage mother)
Danny is upset: A newspaper columnist has revealed that he is looking for two child actors to appear on his upcoming TV special - and Danny is sure that every stage mother in town will read it.

aired: 26-Mar-1962
276. Danny and Bob Hope Get Away from it All
guest stars: Bob Hope (himself)

aired: 02-Apr-1962
277. Extrasensory Charley

aired: 09-Apr-1962
278.  Kathy, The Pro

aired:  16-Apr-1962
279. A Promise is a Promise

aired: 23-Apr-1962
280. The Smart Aleck

aired: 30-Apr-1962
281. Baby

aired: 07-May-1962

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Season 10

282. The Baby Hates Charley
Charley Halper's baby son laughs happily even when complete strangers play with him. But whenever Charley comes near - the baby screams.

aired: 01-Oct-1962
283. Danny's Replacement
guest stars:  Jack Carter (himself)
Danny and Kathy are overjoyed when agent Phil Brokaw reports that Danny's been signed for a European tour. But Danny can't leave until he finds a replacement at the club.
The tenth season featured a story line with Danny and Kathy visiting Europe. Eight of the episodes were filmed in Europe and, when broadcast, were spread out over the entire season.

aired: 08-Oct-1962
284. What Are Friends For?
Danny and Kathy are nearly ready for their European tour, but Danny is mad because Charley and Bunny haven't volunteered to take care of Rusty and Linda.

aired: 15-Oct-1962
285. British Sense of Humor
guest stars:  Cecil Parker (as Sir Harry)
Danny and Kathy have arrived in London, where Danny is to play the
Palladium. But when he remembers the English sense of humor, Danny wants his friend Sir Harry to check his material.

aired: 22-Oct-1962
286. Jose Rents the Cops
guest stars: Bill Dana (Jose Jimenez)
Jose the elevator operator talks with Charley Halper about renting the Copa Club. Charley thinks he's joking, but the joke's on him when he winds up renting the place to Jose for a ridiculously low fee.
aired: 29-Oct-1962
287. Rusty for President
guest stars:  Jimmy Barringer (Horace)
Rusty has been nominated for president of the junior class, but his
opponent turns out to be a superior campaigner. Charley suggests that they stage a rally for Rusty at the Copa Club, with the Smothers Brothers, comedy folksingers, as stars.

aired: 05-Nov-1962
288. A-Hunting We Will Go
guest stars:  Jimmy Edwards (Jamie)  Vanda Godsell (Mavis)  Raymond Huntley (Lord Nuffield)  Arnold Bell (the constable)  David Ensor (the judge)  Peter Butterworth (Publican)  Harold Goodwin (the bellhop)
Lawrence Hardy (the doorman)
Out to see the English countryside, Kathy and Danny meet a curious fellow called Jamie, who invites Danny to accompany him on a hunting trip. Danny doesn't realize that Jamie is a notorious poacher.

aired: 12-Nov-1962
289. Ten Years Ago Today
guest stars:  Paul Dubov (Felix)
Via flashbacks Charley explains how he opened the Copa Club and how Danny became his star attraction.

aired: 19-Nov-1962
290.  Jose, The Scholar
guest stars:  Bill Dana (Jose Jimenez)  Virginia Gregg (Miss Brown)
In England, Danny and Kathy receive news that their friend, elevator
operator Jose Jimenez, is attending night school to improve himself. Back home, we see that he is - but he's confused about American history.

aired: 26-Nov-1962
291.  The Ould Sod
guest stars:  Noel Purcell (Francis Daly)  J.B. Devlin (Shamus Daly)
In Ireland, Kathy and Danny stop at a small village to visit Kathy's
relatives. They both receive a warm and hearty welcome - until Danny
reveals that he's not a son of Erin.

aired:  03-Dec-1962
292. Tonoose, Life of the Party

aired: 10-Dec-1962
293. Danny's English Friend
guest stars:  Bernard Fox (Alfie Wingate)  Noel Drayton (Bert Wingate)
Paul Dubov (Felix)  Roy Roberts (Mr. Washburn)  Shirley Mitchell (Betty)  Carl Carlson (the juggler)
In a London pub, Danny meets a friendly but totally inept waiter named Alfie Wingate. When Alfie says that he's on his way to New York, Danny tells him to see Charley Halper for a good table at the Copa Club - and Alfie thinks he's been offered a job.

aired: 17-Dec-1962
294. Bunny the Brownie Leader
guest stars:  Margaret Hamilton (Miss Fenwick)  Joan Tomkins (Miss Barclay)
Linda's Brownie troop will have to disband unless the girls can find a new leader - so Bunny volunteers. But apparently she'll have to share the job with a prim "career" Brownie named Miss Fenwick.

aired: 24-Dec-1962
295. Charley, the Artist

aired: 31-Dec-1962
296. Lost French Boy

aired: 07-Jan-1963
297. Jose the Dog Sitter
guest stars:  Bill Dana (aJose Jimenez)
Instead of the raise he expected, elevator operator Jose Jimenez is given the additional job of taking care of a pedigreed pooch named Maurice.  Maurice is a kleptomaniac - he picks up loose objects and hides them.

aired: 14-Jan-1963
298. Tonoose Needs Glasses
guest stars:  Hans Conried (Uncle Tonoose)  Philip Ober (Dr. Edwards)
In town for his physical examination, Tonoose demonstrates to Charley,  Bunny and the kids that he is still "strong as a bull." But the doctor does focus on one flaw, which upsets Tonoose terribly - he needs glasses.

aired: 21-Jan-1963
299. Million Dollar Dress
guest stars:  Jacques Marin (Marcel)  Pascale Roberts (Jeanette Giroux)
Genevieve Gombert (announcer)  Nadine Alari (Vendeuse)  George Hubert 
Danny discovers that the dress he promised Kathy costs over a thousand dollars, so he decides to have a $100 copy made (without telling the little woman, of course).

aired: 28-Jan-1963
300.  Rusty's Birthday
guest stars:  Sammy Davis Jr.
Rusty is celebrating his 16th birthday, but it isn't a very happy occasion - he hasn't received a present from his parents in Europe.

aired:  04-Feb-1963
301. Charley the Tiger

aired: 11-Feb-1963
302. The Roman Patriot
guest stars:  Massimo Serato (Francesco)  Gianni De Benedetto (man)
Danny would rather read the paper and take a nap than take Kathy on a tour of Rome - until a handsome Italian named Francesco offers to act as Kathy's escort.

aired: 18-Feb-1963
303. Jose's Guided Tour
guest stars: Bill Dana (Jose Jimenez)

aired: 25-Feb-1963
304. Bunny's Cousin

aired: 04-Mar-1963
305. When In Rome
In Rome, agent Phil Brokaw advises Danny and Kathy to eat only in places catering to American tourists, but they neglect his warning.

aired: 11-Mar-1963
306.  That Old Feeling

aired:  18-March-1963
307. Louise to the Rescue
guest stars:  Joyce Jameson (Nikki Stewart)  The Clara Ward Singers (the club women)
When movie star Nikki Stewart turns on the temperament before her
appearance at Charley's Copa Club, Louise the maid claims that she and her ladies' club members can be of some help.

aired: 25-Mar-1963
308. Venetian Melody
guest stars:  Piccola Pupa (Maria Bonifacio)  Antonio Pieretti (Pietro)
Tony Brandt (the bellhop)  Antonio Grossi (the goldolier)  Andriano Vitali 
(Luigi)  Mimo Billi (Longo)  Nino Falanca (customs agent)
Vezio Bianconi (the photographer)  Betti Foa (Momma)
In Venice, Danny and Kathy are dogged by a one-girl talent agency named Maria, whose entire family seems to consist of performers.

aired: 01-Apr-1963
309. Charley My Boy
Singer Diana Lawrence butters up Charley so that she can get an audition at the Copa Club -and Bunny discovers that Charley is a sucker for the soft-soap routine.

aired: 08-Apr-1963
310. Linda, the Grownup
guest stars:  Debbie Megowan (Nancy)  Phil Phillips (Steve)
To prove that she's mature, 10-year-old Linda offers to take on all the
domestic tasks of the Halper household.

aired: 15-Apr-1963
311. Homecoming
Danny and Kathy's return from Europe sets off a joyous family reunion - for everyone except the Halpers, who feel "turned out to pasture" as they have to move back into their own apartment.

aired: 22-Apr-1963
312. Tonoose's Brother
When Uncle Tonoose proposes some elaborate plans for the Williams clan, Danny knows that only one person could successfully oppose him - Tonoose's older brother Tufik, who is still in Lebanon. Danny Thomas plays Tufik.

aired: 29-Apr-1963
313. Jose's Rival
guest stars: Bill Dana (Jose Jimenez) Zeme North (Susie Harper) Bill Bixby (Tommy Bradley)
Bashful Jose Jimenez has fallen for a tap dancer named Susie. But the Latin lover thinks it's taps for his romance when Susie's hometown boy friend shows up.

aired: 06-May-1963

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Season 11

314. The Country Squires

aired: 30-Sep-1963
315. The Perfect Crime
guest stars:  Amanda Randolph (Louise)  Guy Marks (Frank)  Sid Melton (Charley)
Somebody has stolen the money Kathy was saving for Danny's birthday present.

aired: 07-Oct-1963
316. Here's The 50 Dollars Back
guest stars:  Patt Buttram (Harvey Bullock)  Herb Vigran (Barber)
Veteran nightclub entertainer Harvey Bullock says he has come to pay back the $50 he once borrowed from Danny, but Danny can't seem to remember Harvey.

aired: 14-Oct-1963
317. The Woman Behind The Jokes
guest stars:  Morey Amsterdam (Buddy)  Dick Whittinghill (Howard Blake)  Amanda Randolph (Louise)
The woman behind the jokes is Kathy, but she's getting tired of being the butt of Danny's nightclub wisecracks. Buddy, the gag-writer, is Morey Amsterdam of "The Dick Van Dyke Show."

aired: 21-Oct-1963
318.  Rusty Drives A Car

aired:  28-Oct-1963
319.  Linda And The New Dresss

aired:  04-Nov-1963
320. My Fair Uncle
guest stars:  Hans Conried (Uncle Tonoose)  Florence Halop (Matilda)
Uncle Tonoose tells Danny that he's about to take a wife.

aired: 11-Nov-1963
321. Shy Alfie
guest stars:  Bernard Fox (Alfie)  Olive Sturgess (Diana Mason)

aired: 18-Nov-1963
322. Oh, The Clacys
guest stars: The Clancy Brothers (themselves) Tommy Makem (himself)  Barbara Mullen (Aunt Molly)  Larry Blake  the police officer)
Kathy's Aunt Molly arrives from Ireland with her four strapping sons and announces that she wants them to make their American singing debut at the Copa Club.

aired: 02-Dec-1963
323. The Hex
guest stars:  Charles Lane (Mr. Baker)  Jess Kirkpatrick (Frank)
Danny and Charley are "hexed" by Mr. Baker, the carpenter who had the job of remodeling their country place - until he was fired

aired: 09-Dec-1963
224. The Two Musketeers
guest stars:  Craig Marshall (Jimmy)  Mike Winkleman (Dale) 
Danny decides it's time he and Rusty started doing more things together.

aired: 16-Dec-1963
325. Christmas Story
guest stars:  Bernard Fox (Alfie)
Danny is concerned over the family's lack of Christmas spirit.

aired: 23-Dec-1963
326. Peaceful Co-Existence

aired: 30-Dec-1963
327. The Bowling Partners

aired: 06-Jan-1964
328. Linda's Crush

aired: 13-Jan-1964
329. Kathy, The Secretary
guest stars:  Sheldon Leonard (Phil)  Hollis Irving (Margo Lawrence)
Kathy goes to work as a secretary to Danny's agent.

aired: 20-Jan-1964
330. The Quiz Show
guest stars:  Guy Marks (Frank)  Bill Baldwin (the quizmaster)  Lurene Tuttle (Frank's mother)
The Copa Club bartender asks Danny to be his celebrity partner on a quiz show.

aired: 27-Jan-1964
331. Howdy, Neighbors
guest stars:  Hope Summers (Mrs. Simpson)  Willis Bouchey (Tom Clark) Dave Willock (Bill Moore)  Molly Dodd (Mrs. Moore)  Ed Barkas (the fiddle player)
Danny, Kathy, Charley and Bunny figure it's time they made friends with their new country neighbors.

aired: 03-Feb-1964
332. The Antique Dealers
Kathy and Bunny were conned into paying $100 for an "antique" cockoo clock.

aired: 10-Feb-1964
333. Bunny Gets Into The Act
guest stars:  Jackie Joseph (Mary)  Jane Kean (Cactus Kate)
Bunny wants to return to show business - with a part in the revue at her husband's club.

aired: 17-Feb-1964
334. Sense Of Humor
guest stars:  John Qualen (Swenson)  Tiny Brauer (Schultz)
The janitor doesn't think it's very funny when Danny starts making jokes about him in his nightclub act.

b: 24-Feb-1964
335. Tonoose Gets A Job
guest stars:  Hans Conried (Uncle Tonoose)
Uncle Tonoose is looking for a job.

aired: 02-Mar-1964
336. The Leprechaun
guest stars:  Howard Morris (Sean)  Allan Melvin (officer)
In the park, Linda meets a little man who claims to be a leprechaun.

aired: 09-Mar-1964
337. Pupa From Italy
guest stars:  Piccola Pupa (herself)  Nestor Paiva (Uncle Nino)  Tom D'Andrea (Shelly)
Danny imports a young Italian singer to appear at the Copa Club, and then learns that she has given up pop music for opera.

aired: 16-Mar-1964
338. Pupa's Pooch

aired: 23-Mar-1964
339. Pupa Loves Rusty
guest stars:  Piccola Pupa (herself)
When Rusty tries speaking to Pupa in her native Italian, he accidentally proposes - and she accepts.

aired: 30-Mar-1964
340. Beautiful Lady
guest stars:  Marilyn Maxwell (Beverly)  Pearl Shear (woman)
"Moose" played shortstop on Danny's grammar school baseball team, but the once homely tomboy has changed - and how she's changed!

aired: 06-Apr-1964
341. Call off the Hounds
guests stars: John Qualen (Swenson)  Phil Arnold (Frank)
Convinced that Danny and Charley are working too hard, Kathy and Bunny decide to make their husbands slow down.

aired: 13-Apr-1964
342. Rusty And The Chorus Girl
guest stars:  Erin O'Donnell (Wendy)  Mike Macready (Brad Wilson)
Rusty thinks he's in love - with one of the Copa Club chorus girls.

aired: 20-Apr-1964
343. The Persistent Cop
guest stars:  Allan Melvin (Officer Johnson)  Bob Denver (Herbie)
Joel Warren, Harvey Shapiro, Leon Owens, Johnny Kelly (the Beau-Jives)
A policeman talks Danny into auditioning a youthful combo from a tenement district, but when the boys see Danny's plush apartment they walk out without playing a note.

aired: 27-Apr-1964


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